Activities from our portfolio
Our clients are small and large electricity customers, electrical project engineer companies and power distribution companies, electricity producers and electricity suppliers.
Due to the scope and wide spectrum of the work that has been done up to now, we will be pleased to present our activities in detail, as well as the specific tasks solved by us in the case of your interest.

1. Calculation and optimisation of electric power systems operation

2. Measurement of electrical quantities and power quality

3. Development and creation of software products

4. Studies, training and consultancy in the field of electric power engineering


Calculation and optimisation of
electric power systems operation

Calculation of levels of electrical quantities for various configurations or calculation of parameters of devices of investigated electric power systems is an essential part of the design of new electrical devices or the analysis of the operation of existing electrical devices. In some cases, it is the only way to test the immunity of a given electrical equipment to operate in specific situations.
We offer the following services within the calculation of electrical quantities
  • calculation of voltage and current conditions during steady-state operation,
  • calculation of the maximum short-circuit currents for dimensioning devices and the minimum short-circuit currents to design protection relays settings,
  • calculation of voltage drops, power ratios and electrical losses,
  • calculation of electrical quantities for the design of generator switches,,
  • calculation of earth fault currents,
  • calculation of step and touch voltages,
  • calculation of assumed values of voltages and currents at the moment of start-up and during start-up of drives,
  • calculation of instantaneous values of voltages and currents during transient events (e.g. when a ground fault occurs),
  • calculation and mathematical simulation of assumed frequency value during system failure.
Optimisation calculations in electric power engineering
If required, we are able to determine an optimal solution to your various tasks. Optimal solutions to your tasks can save your time, material, money and energy.

Here are some of our services from the field of mathematical optimisation:
  • optimisation of the operation or maintenance costs of individual electrical equipment, optimisation of the operation of the electrical network in order to achieve electrical losses or voltage drops as low as possible,
  • optimisation of the maximum reserve capacity value agreed between the customer and the power distribution company,
  • optimisation of the size and number of steps for load shedding,
  • identifying potential possibilities of the photovoltaic system usage and the system of storage of electrical energy to reduce the costs of purchasing electricity at predicted electricity consumption, determining the expected return on investment,
  • determination of the estimated amount of solar energy incident on the area of photovoltaic panels in a given area during the year, taking shading of surroundings into account, and optimisation of photovoltaic power and battery capacity for predicted electricity consumption.

Measurement of electrical quantities
and power quality

Measurement of time courses of individual electrical quantities represents one of the basic diagnostic methods, either for the purpose of identification of possible cause of unwanted cases in the network or for the verification of voltage quality or stability at a measured point. We offer the following services in terms of measurement of electrical quantities and power quality:
Measurement of electrical quantities and power quality analysis
  • short-term (from minutes to hours), medium-term (from days to weeks) and long-term (from months to years) measurement of electrical voltages and currents in order to analyse and visualise them, or for their statistical processing and use in calculations, etc.,
  • measurement and evaluation of the level of power (voltage) quality in accordance with applicable operation rules and standards,
  • elaboration of voltage quality protocols,
  • proposal of measures to increase the level of power quality, or to prevent the effects causing outages or incorrect operation of electrical equipment that is sensitive to a reduced level of power quality,
  • calculation of the reserve of qualitative indicators in the point of common connection,
  • elaboration of documents for the submission of an evaluation of the power quality standards of electricity distribution and supply of electricity to end electricity customers in accordance with the Regulatory Office for Network Industries.
Calculations of the customers’ impact and the impact of sources on the grid
  • elaboration of connectivity studies of new customers or sources of electricity in accordance with the regulations of a relevant power distribution company, or. with the regulations of the transmission system operator of the Slovak Republic,
  • determination of the impact of individual subjects or equipment on the overall level of power quality.
Design of reactive power compensation
  • measurement of the electricity consumption profile (reactive and active power) for the purpose of optimal design of compensation devices
  • examination of possibilities of minimisation of fees for non-compliance with the prescribed value of the power factor, or for unasked supply of reactive power,
  • examination of the necessity of tuned compensation,
  • calculation of the economic return of the proposed solution.

Development and creation
of software products

Within our portfolio we also offer the creation of mathematical models representing real states and processes occurring in electrical networks, their transcription into computer codes and, in addition, their interactive visualisation. Našu ponuku z oblasti vývoja a tvorby softvérových produktov na mieru pre zákazníka je možné rozdeliť do 2 hlavných skupín : Our offer, in the field of development and creation of customised software products for the customer, can be divided into 2 main groups:
Development and creation of computer interactive models of electrical networks
  • creation of computer models of electrical networks (or electric power systems) for the purpose of calculation of voltage, current or power ratios in various modes of operation of the simulated electrical network, including computer visualisation of company electrical networks tailored to customer requirements.
Development and creation of computer applications
  • to solve various tasks in the power industry tailored to customer requirements,
  • in addition to solution of specific technical tasks, it is possible to incorporate a financial analysis, cost and return of proposed solutions into software applications,
  • creation of internal company databases with data on electric power devices.

Studies, training and consultancy
in the field of electric power engineering

Elaboration of technical studies in the field of electric power engineering
  • analysis of possible causes of various processes or events occurring in the electric power system based on a rigorous approach using theoretical as well as practical knowledge.
Technical advice, professional lectures and training in the field of electric power engineering
  • in addition to technical advice given to you or your employees we also offer lectures and courses in various areas of Electric Power Engineering (calculation of electrical networks, reactive power compensation, power quality, photovoltaics and accumulation of electrical energy).
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