About us

Our curriculum vitae
The company Elgrid, s.r.o. was established in 2013. In the beginning, it mainly offered services including calculation of electrical networks, measurement of electrical quantities and analysis of power quality.

Elgrid, s.r.o. together with its professional partners creates a team of specialists who have qualifications to solve standard as well as specific problems, and also non-standard problems.
„The essence of our work is based on the knowledge of the laws of theoretical electrical engineering and electric power engineering, which is also supported with many years of our practical experience.“

Martin Kanálik, managing director of Elgrid, s.r.o.
You can read more about our services that we currently offer in the services section.

The intention of formulation and presentation of the company`s vision, mission, values and strategic intent is to bring its characteristics closer to its potential business partner. All members of the team of Elgrid,s.r.o. are constantly working to fulfil their vision, mission and values to the greatest degree.


Our vision is to be a reliable partner for our business partners, to whom they will turn with confidence whenever they want to hear a qualified professional opinion and whenever they face soluble or "insoluble" technical problems and are interested in long-term high-quality solutions.


Our mission is to provide business partners with qualified solutions and be a reliable and trustworthy partner for them at all times.


We approach every request of our business partner with full seriousness and responsibility. We do not perceive our solutions as one-time and short-term actions, but as solutions that bring our customers long-term support and satisfaction.

Our values towards the customer are professionalism, quality, reliability, responsibility, authenticity and work enthusiasm. These values are a necessary requirement for us to build long-term close cooperation with customers.

The values of mutual cooperation in the company: transparency, openness, work enthusiasm, reliability and mutual respect.
„We believe that it is possible to do business with an honest and responsible approach to work and people.“

Strategic intent

To always do what we are good at, what we enjoy, what makes sense for society and at the same time what brings us and the customer the benefits (not only in the material form, but also in the form of our satisfaction and customer satisfaction). At the same time, to be a developing and innovative company following current trends in the electric power engineering and the needs of potential customers with the aim of professional growth of the company's employees and ensuring the effective solution of new tasks.
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