Your frequently asked questions
The purpose of this section is to present a brief description of the individual problems that the team of Elgrid, s.r.o. helps to solve.
The ambition is to draw the reader into the secrets of some of the phenomena that occur in the electrical networks in our surrounding, at least for a while.
  • In practice, we have encountered several technical terms and abbreviations, the meaning of which is not clear to us. Can you explain to us what it means e.g. power quality, short-circuit, PCC, LDS, MRK, etc.?
You will find a brief explanation of the terms and abbreviations in the dictionary we have compiled.
In case of interest we can provide lectures and training on various topics to you and your colleagues, or your employees. More information will be provided by Martin Kanálik on tel. number +421 902 159 330.

  • Can you help us with the optimisation of our MRK and RK?
Yes, we can determine the optimal value of MRK and RK, or assess the possibilities of their seasonal changes and in the case of LV voltage level, we can help you determine the optimal nominal value of the current of the main circuit breaker connected before the electric meter.

  • Can you help us reduce the cost of purchasing electricity or with the optimisation of our operation in terms of the cost of purchasing electricity?
Yes, we know from our practice that there are reserves in the efficient use of electricity in industrial companies. The potential for possible savings is in the optimisation of the parameters of reactive power compensation, in the optimisation of the consumption diagram during individual days, in the optimisation of the distribution of the electricity consumption within the company or load of transformers, possibly also in the use of available technologies e.g. cloud in the case of server, but also photovoltaic (PV) power plants and battery systems, which can in some cases help to minimise the cost of purchasing electricity in the long run, but also the cost of possible outages of technological equipment after failures in the external network, or in the optimisation of parameters and in the optimisation of the operation of already installed PV power plants.

  • We would like to eliminate the supply of reactive energy in order to reduce our electricity costs. What are the options?
Each specific case needs to be analysed first. The analysis requires data from the measurement of electricity consumption found on your invoices. Due to the possible variability of consumption during the year, it is appropriate to use at least 12 previous invoices.
Other possible inputs are 15-minute measurements of active and reactive power recorded by a billing electricity meter for a period of at least one year.
For a precise analysis, we also recommend the implementation of additional measurements with our measuring instruments with a set recording interval ranging from a few seconds to minutes.
From the performed analysis, we subsequently propose to the customer alternative possible solutions, including an estimate of the return on a possible investment.

  • In our electrical network in the company, such events occur that lead to damage to our technical equipment, or to their failure and at the same time to the shutdown of production. What is it related to and what are the possibilities for eliminating such events?
There can be several possible causes. The common denominator is generally the size and level of voltage quality in the electricity network and the so-called network hardness. From your point of view, the cause may come from the external network, or from your electricity supplier's network or may be found in your network.
Possible solutions are generally measures at the level of the distribution system (installation of surge arresters, network reconfiguration, …) or measures at the level of the electrical system of an industrial plant (increase of operating voltage, power supply of "sensitive" equipment from a separate transformer or circuit,…) . Specific solution or solutions depend on the specific case.
We can offer you the measurement of electrical quantities, their analysis, identification of the causes of adverse events and the proposal of possible solutions to your problem.

  • Our intention is to expand our production of products, which is associated with an increase in our electricity consumption. Can you help us to verify whether our company's electrical system is sufficiently dimensioned or whether a high-quality, reliable and safe supply of electricity will be ensured in our electricity system and, if need be, propose necessary measures?
Yes, addressing this issue is one of the main activities within our portfolio. Our team includes people with more than 20 years of experience in calculating electrical networks for Slovak and foreign companies, more precisely industrial companies in our country and abroad.
In addition, we can offer you a functional computer visualization of your electrical system for the purpose of analysing voltage and current (as well as power) ratios in the event of various changes in the configuration or parameters of the elements of your electrical system.
In addition to proposed measures, we can also offer you the preparation of project documentation for their implementation.
A graphical representation of some of the services we offer in the field of calculations and optimization of the electrical systems operation is shown in the following figure.
More about the services we offer link to SERVICES.

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